Tube-to-tubesheet weld inspection

Tube to Tube weld inspection | JSC Inspections

Tube-to-tubesheet weld inspection

The inegrity of tube-to-tube-sheet welds in heat exchangers in chemical industries of vital importance for untroubled service reliability. Besides the mechanical strength of the welds, the tightness to is essential, because the welds are the barrier between spaces through which different media flow.
And automated ultrasonic scanner has been developed to examine tube-to-tube-sheet welds in order to detect internal defects. It consists of a mechanical scanner that drives a small ultrasnoc probe which is in direct contact with the inner surface of the tube wal land scans the weld area stepwise. The movement is controlled by a microprocessor and the measuring data are presented in a C-scan.

Weld imperfections are detecable if they are over 0.5mm in diameter, depending on the type of defect. Application is in weld quality examination of new welds as well as of old welds in case in-service damage has occured.

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Tube to Tubesheet weld inspection | JSC Inspections
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