Eddy Current Inspections

Eddy Current Method

This is a method for inspection of non-ferromagnetic tubes in heat exchangers […]

Remote Field Inspection

RFT is primarily used to inspect ferromagnetic tubing since conventional eddy current techniques have difficulty inspection the full thickness of the tube wall […]

Magnetic Biased Eddy Current inspection

The influence of permeability variations which accor with ferromegnetic materials has been reduced by using an eddy current probe with an integrated pre-saturation deive[…]

Surface Testing

Surface eddy current testing is used for detection of surface cracks in both non-ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic materials […]

Weld Inspection

In welding inspection there is a need to detect surface breaking defects. For magnetic material e.g. carbon steel, generally magnetic particle inspection is used […]

Other Eddy Current Inspections

Coating thickness measurements | Clad overlay | Material  selection

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